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                Hubei Chushengwei Chemistry Co.,Ltd. is the central area dedicated to the fine chemical, biological products, high-tech enterprise integrated R & D, pharmaceutical raw materials and intermediates in the production, the sale in a body. The company uses the efficient operation of modern management mode, set up the marketing system to the market as the center. Marketing center closely coordinate internal R & D, production, quality control and other departments, timely to provide a full range of products, convenient and perfect and technical services to customers at home and abroad.

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                Hubei Chushengwei Chemistry Co.,Ltd.
                Add:No.3 South Wuchang Road Wuhan,China
                Tel:0086-27-87891008 87892127

                Auxiliary additives
                Fine Chemicals
                Construction additives
                Coating additives
                Textile auxiliaries
                Pharmaceutical raw
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